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Lagodekhi is a town, located at the foot of the Greater Caucasus mountains between the rivers Lagodekhiskhevi and Shromiskhevi, in the historical region of Hereti (now part of Kakheti). Lagodekhi has a number of nearby waterfalls and includes the Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, established in 1912 and first noted by Polish botanist Ludwik Młokosiewicz for having a variety of tree species. Lagodekhi Protected Areas, also known as Lagodekhi National Park, is a pair of protected areas in the Kakheti district of Georgia: Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve and Lagodekhi Managed Nature Reserve (divided in 2003). The combined area of the two is 24,451 hectares. Lagodekhi preserves a variety of rare local flora and fauna and was originally protected in 1912, under the Russian Empire, the first nature preserve in Georgia. Their ecoregion is that of the Caucasus mixed forest.


Tour duration: 10-11 hours.

Lagodekhi Protected Areas/Caucasus mixed forest/Sighnaghi.


  • 1x Person – 120 usd;
  • 2x Persons: Price Per Pers. – 90 usd;
  • 3-4x Persons: Price Per Pers. – 70 usd;
  • 5-7x Persons: Price Per Pers. – 60 usd;
  • 8-15x Persons: Price Per Pers. – 50 usd;


The price includes: transportation during the tour, qualified guide-instructor during the tour, petrol.