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Dear Traveler,


Are you looking for a truly unique tour – something absolutely new? Than WLC 2 Georgia has what you are looking for: visit to incredible land of Georgia and the South Caucasus. The country of Golden Fleece, a birthplace of wine, fascinating dance and polyphonic songs, a place where there are no hosts and no guests, where all can travel to discover something special, without which life would be incomplete. You can visit, see and feel, fulfill your dreams, make your trip a magnificent adventure, meet people connecting old culture and tradition with ultramodern life, locals with great soul and a great instinct of ancient hospitality.

Do you want active or relaxing vacancy in absolutely new surrounding in multi climate Caucasus Region? Reach Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani icy peaks or stay in relaxing comfortable hotel on seaside. Choose any tour with our travel agency and use your opportunity to make your wish true. “Wlc 2 Georgia”, the leading tour operator in South Caucasus, always will take care of your holidays.

With best wishes, “Wlc 2 Georgia”.


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